About Vicurious

If you've read How to Disappearyou know that Vicurious is the anonymous Instagram account of the main character, Vicky Decker. It's where she goes to escape the isolation caused by her extreme social anxiety, using Photoshop to create experiences she wishes she could have IRL. It's also where she and her followers support one another. 

Vicurious rides a roller coaster with Selena Gomez and James Corden
While Vicky and Vicurious are fictional characters, there is a REAL Instagram account that I created for the book. I found a lovely teen girl to portray the character in the photographs, and I write all the content and comments myself from the perspective of Vicky/Vicurious. 

Readers are finding their way to @Vicurious, and it means so much to me that they have connected to her story. I also love that followers are starting to reach out to each other, just as they do in the book.

I want Vicurious to be a place where readers can share their own fears and anxieties, and find support and kindness. However, it's important to understand that I am not a mental health professional and cannot fill that role for those who really need to talk to someone who is qualified to address their issues. 

If you are experiencing bullying, depression, anxiety, or suicidal thoughts, please look to a trusted adult in your life. It could be a parent or other family member, a teacher or school counselor—someone who can provide or find the help you need.

You can also contact any of these organizations for support:

Anxiety and Depression Association of America

Teen Mental Health

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)

Find a Therapist – Psychology Today

Teen Health & Wellness

The Trevor Project (for LGBTQIAP Teens)

MindShift App

As for Vicurious, she will continue to live vicariously on Instagram, limited only by my imagination and Photoshop skills. I love to hear reader's suggestions of where she should go next, and if you want her to visit YOU, just send a photo via DM! 

And remember: You are not invisible, or alone. You are special and important and I see you! 


  1. Your book, How to Disappear, was truly heart warming. When I finished it, I felt confident and lighthearted. You truly captured the situation, and I could almost never put the book down! Keep up the amazing work!

  2. i am to afraid to reach out to a adult in my life... i think i have anxiety and i have had depression for about a year now... all i want is to be locked up in my room to sleep watch youtube and read books since its the only way to escape for a short amount of time until reality hits... And i also have trust issues and i want to trust but i have been betrayed and stabed in the back by people i trusted... i want someone to talk to but i dont know who :(... i always though that it was imposible for someone to have depression like me... then i read the book... how to disapear. i read about vickys story and realised how much she is like me i didnt know what was reality and what was the reading... i got the book at the end of school year and i just read it last week it was so good that i wanted to learn more about jenna amd vicky! this book helped me forget about my depression for a fiew days and think of long term.. the future... but since then my depression is getting worse by the minute its like a wild fire that never dies and when it does, it starts back up quicker faster and alot bigger! what do i do now...?

    1. I wish I could be more help but it's hard to offer counseling here, aside from encouraging you to find someone in your life or at school that you can talk to... a school counselor or teacher, or parent. Someone who is qualified to help, or can find that help for you! I'm so glad the book meant something to you, that helped you a bit, and I hope made you realize that you are not alone.