05 December 2018

Give the gift of books... PLUS signed book plates and bookmarks from me!

Hi there! If you purchase one of my books (Between the Notes or How to Disappear) to give as a gift this holiday season, and would like to make it extra special... I will send you a personalized, autographed book plate and a set of bookmarks to include with the gift!

Just email a proof of purchase and tell me:
1) the name of the gift recipient
2) which book(s) you are giving
3) your name and mailing address

Here's a link to a bunch of places where you can order my book. (My first choice is always to support local booksellers who will order anything you want on request... so if you have one of those, do that! My local indie is Hockessin Book Shelf, for instance, and I just email them here and say, "Can you order this book for me?" and they email me back when it comes in.)

I'd love to open this internationally but the postage would kill me, so I have to make this U.S. only for the most part. HOWEVER, I will mail bookplates and bookmarks to the first 10 people outside the U.S. who email their request. 

Happy holidays everyone, and thank you so much for reading and supporting my books!