29 March 2017

All the Pretty Author Blurbs...

It's always a bit scary when a new book makes its way out into the world and readers lay their eyes on it for the first time. Even more stressful is the moment when another author reads it. 😬 Multiply that times six, and you'll have a sense of the anxiety I was feeling when the manuscript of HOW TO DISAPPEAR was sent off to six of my favorite YA authors in hopes that they might like it enough to offer a blurb. Yikes!

One by one—much to my relief—they came back with the loveliest responses imaginable. Here they are, presented in a rainbow of colors that 1) are a nod to Instagram, which plays an important role in the story; and 2) reflect the heart-bursting joy I felt upon receiving these!

You can preorder HOW TO DISAPPEAR here and here and here and here, add it to Goodreads here and—if you really want to get crazy—you can vote for it on Goodreads lists here and here

I'll be participating in the YA Scavenger Hunt, April 4-9, which will give you two chances to win an advance reader copy of HOW TO DISAPPEAR. Don't miss it! You can also follow the Instagram account for @vicurious, the main character of this novel, where you can get to know her a bit and also find out about other giveaways and book news. 

28 March 2017

YASH (the YA Scavenger Hunt) is coming, April 4-9! I'm on Team Gold, which is clearly the best. I hope you win all these books!

If you want a chance to win a boatload of books and also read some fun, exclusive YA content... mark your calendar for the spring YA Scavenger Hunt (YASH), April 4-9! I'll be on the Gold Team with all of these amazing books:

The spring event will feature five teams of twenty authors each—a total of 100 young adult novels. You can see the other teams and the featured books here. To enter to win ALL THE BOOKS (including an advance reader copy of How to Disappear), all you have to do is visit the blog of any participating author and start the blog hop to collect the clues. I'll be posting directions here at noon Pacific time (3 p.m. Eastern) along with a glimpse at one of the featured books and its author, PLUS, my own giveaway of an additional How to Disappear ARC. You can also visit the YASH website for more information on how to participate!

See you April 4-9!