28 March 2015

Bookmarks for you!

I have Between the Notes bookmarks if you want some for your library, classroom, bookstore, friends, neighbors… or your personal bookmark collection! Email me here! Put "Bookmarks" in your subject title. U.S. only. I will mail internationally for a limited time, and as supplies last! Thanks!

25 March 2015

Are you ready to win ALL the books? YA Scavenger Hunt Begins April 2!

As promised, here are more details on the YA Scavenger Hunt! I'm happy to be joining the fun as a member of #TeamTeal! There are eight outstanding teams this season, each with 20 authors. The Scavenger Hunt runs from April 2nd through April 5th beginning and ending at noon Pacific time on those days. 
Visit my blog between April 2-5 and enter to win
this tote bag as part of the YA Scavenger Hunt!

If you've never been a part of the hunt before you should give it a try! It runs like a giant blog hop, introducing you to new YA authors and books along the way. There are tons of prizes including a grand prize for each team. If you win one of the grand prizes you will get a book from each author on that team. For more information and to make sure you get hunt updates, sign up for news on the #YASH website. 

In addition to the Advance Reader Copy of Between the Notes that will be included in the grand prize for our team, I'll be giving away a little something special here on my blog: A House Industries LOVE tote (great for carrying books)! 


Below are all eight teams. By participating in the hunt, you'll not only get a chance to win… you'll also see bonus content from all of these authors, including excerpts, deleted scenes, and more...

23 March 2015

YA Scavenger Hunt: Coming soon to a blog near you...

I'm excited to report that I'll be one of the authors featured in this year's YA Scavenger Hunt, taking place on ALL THE BLOGS between April 2-6. Teams of authors will be sharing original content (excerpts, deleted scenes, etc.) and offering special prizes, plus signed copies of their books! There are eight teams of 20 authors this year. That's... *pauses to do simple math*… that's 160 authors, people! Which means 160 books to be won (and other goodies)! 

More soon on how you can participate. For now, here's my team full of awesome:

16 March 2015

Bookstore Love: New York's Books of Wonder

I was in New York recently to meet with my editor and agent and make my first visit to the HarperCollins offices (which is like one spectacular bookstore itself… I kept stopping to ooh and ahh at the shelves!). It was right after the ALA mid-winter meeting where the youth media awards were presented, and I was hoping to pick up something awesome to read on the train home. So I popped into one of my favorite NYC bookstores, Books of Wonder! And look what greeted me right inside the door:

A handy display of Caldecott, Newberry and other ALA award winners.
I snagged copies of THE CROSSOVER and EL DEAFO, then I moseyed over to the YA section to pet the books browse the shelves (and, okay, I'll admit it… to imagine my own book up there). As a member of the Fearless Fifteeners group of 2015 debut YA and MG authors, it's fun find their newly released books out in the wild. 

Look, there's Michelle Falkoff's Playlist for the Dead 
trying to hide from me...

…and Dan Gemenhart's The Honest Truth practically jumping off the shelf!

I also had to stop in the picture book section, and ogle the gorgeous titles there (wishing my kids were still picture book age!).

Even more fun—I'll be making an appearance at Books of Wonder with seven other 2015 YA debut authors on Saturday, June 20, as part of the TEEN DEBUT SPOTLIGHT: FEARLESS FIFTEENERS event. 

Hope to see you there!

11 March 2015

International Giveaway of 2 signed ARCs (advance reader copies) on Goodreads!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Between the Notes by Sharon Huss Roat

Between the Notes

by Sharon Huss Roat

Giveaway ends April 06, 2015.
See the giveaway details at Goodreads.
Enter to win

10 March 2015

Bookstore Love: Austin's BookPeople

NEW FEATURE! Today begins a new series on my blog: Bookstore Love! 

Do you recognize these shelves?
I was looking through my photographs recently and realized how many pictures I have taken in bookstores. My travel photos ALWAYS include scenes of at least one or two YA bookshelves. (Am I the only one who does this? Please confess in the comments if you do it, too!) 

So, why not share all that bookstore love on my blog? It is infinitely more interesting than talking about myself! 

I am particularly fond of tiny little stores that cram books into every possible nook and cranny, and rambling bookstores in oddly-shaped buildings. But what I love most are bookstores that hang review cards and staff recommendations from the shelves. Nobody does that better than BookPeople in Austin, Texas.

It's the lovely Teen Lit section at BookPeople! See all the little review tags
placed at eye level? (They were on a lower shelf in the middle grade section!) 
Yes, yes… I'll give you an up-close look at some of the tags! These photos were taken two years ago when my daughter and I went to Texas for spring break. Flipping through these photos now is like a walk down memory lane of my favorite books from 2013. Look at all the pretties!

Don't you just love the little mask on the Smoke & Bone review,
and the heart for Paper Valentine?
Oooh… three favorites in a row. 

And here's a close-up of the review for Amy McNamara's
gorgeous novel, LOVELY, DARK & DEEP. 
Spot any favorites? I could spend hours in this store, reading all the beautifully illustrated (and laminated!) reviews. I'm just looking for reasons to travel to Austin again so I can see what's on the shelves there now. Maybe someone will send me a photo? (Hint, hint.) 

I'll be posting more of my own bookstore love in the weeks ahead, and inviting some author friends to share theirs, too. But now, I must dash to my local indie to pick up a stack of books I ordered. (And take photos, of course. They're next up on Bookstore Love!)