16 October 2017

Bringing Vicurious to Life (IRL!)

During the process of writing How to Disappear, I spent a lot of time on Instagram checking the same hashtags that the main character, Vicky, explores in the novel. As Vicurious, she reaches out to followers who feel #invisbile and #ignored, who have #socialanxiety and #depression and just want to be #seen. 

To connect with readers and let them know they are #notalone, I decided to bring Vicurious to life by creating a real Instagram for her. Below is a visual of a few of the Vicurious posts I’ve created so far. It took a while to find my model, make a wig and put together the costume, do some photo shoots, and then learn Photoshop well enough to create some images of Vicurious living vicariously! So, I started with some text posts, like the one which references Vicky’s “Terror List.” Then I ventured into current events to throw her into some exciting events.  

Next up… I’d love to get readers more involved in the content, providing suggestions of places and events they want Vicurious to visit, and even their own photos. I’ll also use the Vicurious account to post fan art and graphics, and hopefully become a place where people with social anxiety can find their people and make new friends. 

Visit her @vicurious on Instagram!

02 October 2017

#PubforPR - Help us raise money for Puerto Rico hurricane relief, Auction open through Oct. 5th

Members of the publishing community have come together to raise money for hurricane relief in Puerto Rico. There are many wonderful items and services up for auction—for writers, readers, teachers and librarians—including manuscript and query critiques, writing retreats, book bundles, Skype visits and more. Visit the PubforPR website for more information!

ALL of the money raised will go directly to these two organizations:

Unidos por Puerto Rico (United for Puerto Rico) is an initiative funded by Puerto Rico’s First Lady, Beatriz Rosselló, to assist Puerto Rico in its relief efforts for the victims of hurricanes Irma and María.

ConPRmetidos is a Puerto Rican organization dedicated to developing Puerto Rican communities and industries across the globe through the assistance of Puerto Ricans abroad. They have created a relief fund to help Puerto Rico with hurricanes Irma and María.

My donation to the auction is featured in this book bundle of contemporary YA novels. Go here to bid, and thank you so much for supporting this cause.