18 June 2015

I was too busy celebrating my book launch and stalking Barnes & Noble to post this earlier

My debut novel, a YA contemporary published by HarperTeen, made its way into the world on Tuesday. There was so much celebrating, Tweeting, Facebooking and Instagramming, I forgot to mention it here on my blog. So, a quick recap:

There were articles in newspapers about the pending arrival of my book! They appeared here and here and here. People I never met before or hadn't seen in years came out to my book launch party at The Hockessin Book Shelf on June 16, along with lots of friends and family. I signed books for two hours straight, stopping for about five minutes to say a few words (which were largely incoherent, I fear). 

Here are some photos of the festivities:

My daughter got a manicure to match my book!

I signed books! There were balloons!
And cake!

Lots of people showed up!

My husband and kids.

My daughter's friends.

My son's friends.

Teen readers who heard about my book and came by!

Old friends. 
New friends. 
My parents. 

It was tons of fun. Huge thanks to Rebecca Dowling of Hockessin Book Shelf for hosting the event. She was a lovely, calm presence and made everything run smoothly (even when I was running around flailing about cupcake placement). 

Best bookseller ever.

I had hoped to get straight back to writing the next day, as I am working on my second novel with HarperCollins and a deadline looms. But, first, I had to go see if BETWEEN THE NOTES had made it onto the shelves of the nearest Barnes & Noble. The kids and I headed out. I was nervous. What if they hadn't stocked it? My fears were put to rest, though, when I made my way up the Teen "New Release" section and saw not one, but TWO facing-out stacks of my book. Wheee!

My book! And, look at that empty space to the left.
Was there a third stack that sold already? 

I introduced myself to a store manager and she asked if I'd sign their stock. Which I did, of course:
Signing books at Barnes & Noble on Concord Pike in Wilmington

And that is my book launch story. I felt very full and happy yesterday, coming home from the Barnes & Noble. The publishing journey is full of ups and downs, of rejection and waiting and gnashing of teeth. But this week made it all worthwhile. 

Thanks to everyone for the friendship and support!


  1. I read Between the Notes in one day! I loved it! I hope there are more books of yours to come. :)

    1. So glad you enjoyed it. There are more books to come, and I will share details as soon as I have them!