04 March 2013

Book love: LIAR & SPY by Rebecca Stead

I never intended this blog to feature reviews, but every now and then I simply adore a book so much I must pop on here and say, "Hey! Read this!" So, here I am. Have you read LIAR & SPY by Rebecca Stead? Because you should. And your kids (age 9 and up) should, too, for sure. Rebecca Stead has a way of telling a story with such ease that you don't see all the hard work you KNOW went into it. Everything falls into place perfectly, in a way that leaves you smiling and wanting to hug the darn book when you're done. 

Here's the description:

When seventh grader Georges (the s is silent) moves into a Brooklyn apartment building, he meets Safer, a twelve-year-old coffee-drinking loner and self-appointed spy. 

Georges becomes Safer's first spy recruit. His assignment? Tracking the mysterious Mr. X, who lives in the apartment upstairs. But as Safer becomes more demanding, Georges starts to wonder: how far is too far to go for your only friend?

Liar & Spy is an inspired, often-funny story about destiny, goofy brilliance, and courage. Like Stead's Newbery Medal-winning When You Reach Me, it will keep readers guessing until the end.


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