11 December 2012

The United States of YA

I went to the library (the Hockessin Library) today to pick up a stack of verse novels I'd requested, as I am immersing myself in verse these days... and lookie look what I stumbled upon:

It's a glorious display of YA novels from all 50 states! Here, take a closer look:

Aren't they just beautiful? Don't you want to take one of each? I've read many of these books and own several... but I was tempted to bring them all home. What a treat to see YA novels written by authors from all over the country. 

And the books had come from libraries all over our state... my own local library, awesome as it is, did not have three copies of every title. But thanks to our Delaware Division of Libraries and statewide Delaware Library Catalog, it's easy to obtain books (and other resources) from any of our public library collections. 

I asked who had created the display, and was told it was the youth librarian. If I hadn't been running late to pick up my son from an after-school rehearsal, I would've chased him or her down to say thanks on behalf of YA readers and authors alike. I'll do so the next time I'm there, and maybe line up a Q&A. I've been wanting to feature a YA librarian on the blog. Stay tuned! 

Oh, and there was this, too... 

 An encyclopedia tree! 


  1. Sharon, your library is awesome! What a great resource to have so close to you. I have a library a few blocks away that I visit much more often in the summer months. It is conveniently located near a Dairy Queen, so it's books and ice cream for the whole family ;) Thanks for sharing this. I look forward to the interview with the youth librarian!

  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR POSTING THIS! Oh my goodness, it's so great to see our map in real life!

  3. Also, forgot to mention in earlier post that you can view the digital version of the map on our blog where it was originally posted!


    1. Thanks, Epic Reads! There are so many cool things going on over at your site... the cover reveals, the interviews, the lists! Such fun.