16 October 2012

Have you met Gustav Gloom?

My kids and I are currently fighting over who gets to read this book first.

GUSTAV GLOOM AND THE PEOPLE TAKER, by Adam-Troy Castro, was illustrated by the delightful and talented Kristen Margiotta. Kristen also happens to give drawing lessons to my eight-year-old daughter at the Center for the Creative Arts. We love her. And now we have our very own copy of her book! You should get one, too. (Because, seriously, who doesn't love a book with gorgeous illustrations at the beginning of each chapter, and chapter titles like, "Watching Out for the Dinosaur Poop." Eh?

My daughter started reading in the car on the way home from her art lesson, declaring,
"I like this!" And my 12-year-old son swooped in and read a couple of chapters while she was doing her homework. I finally got my mitts on it after they went to bed. It was thrilling enough to see Kristin's beautiful illustrations and have our own signed copy, but discovering the story is GREAT, too... I had to pop on the blog to share.

Thanks, Kristen, for introducing us to Gustav. We're already looking forward to the second book in the series, GUSTAV GLOOM AND THE NIGHTMARE VAULT (coming in April 2013).

(Don't be fooled by the name of this blog, we love middle grade books here, too! Gustav Gloom is for ages 8 and up.) 


  1. The illustrations look wonderful!!! Makes me want to read the book. Haven't read a children's book or YA book for ages. Except Harry P of course. Great blog by the way :-)

  2. That looks wonderful! And how cool that you're all reading it. I admit, I'm excited for my two-year-old to finally be big enough for chapter books.

    1. My son is nearly 13 and he often walks off with YA books I've brought home for myself. But I sometimes miss the picture-book days. Nobody wants me to read to them around here anymore!